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SMS Marketing

Your phone goes everywhere with you, which makes it the best way to get in touch with your customers instantaneously. SMS marketing places your brand in your customer’s hand where they are. Whether its an appointment reminder, delivery status or geo-framed promotion when your customers are in or around your store – one text message guarantees a 97% chance your message will be read.

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Email Marketing

One effective email is all it takes to make an impression, but to build brand credibility and strengthen customer relationships you should educate your customer about your products or services, show customer appreciation by providing special discounts and promotions unique to them, and build excitement through exclusive content and perks relevant to them. That’s smarter marketing.

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Loyalty & CRM

An effective loyalty program can be a driver for not only increased engagement with your existing customers, but can also be used as an acquisition tool to drive more customers and additional revenue. So, what does it take to build a successful loyalty program? By understanding the needs and wants of your customers through CRM, segmenting and sending different messages, offers and cadences based on specific behaviors you can boost customer engagement, build trust and ultimately win their loyalty.

A grocery store cashier hands back credit card to a smiling customer who is holding a paper bag of groceries.

Building Loyalty Through Instant Gratification

How Loyalty Programs are Shifting to Include Short Term Benefits Shopping habits have been seriously altered since the start of the pandemic this year. Not only are customers looking further into contactless purchases, but people are sticking with brands they know and trust. This can be worrisome for brands looking to run customer acquisition campaigns, but by efficiently utilizing marketing tools like loyalty and CRM, businesses may continue to thrive. The reality is that it costs five times more to market to new customers than to retain your existing. This is because it takes more incentive, offers and extra marketing…

Consumer Data Privacy and Marketing

We take privacy seriously. We’ve been operating in California for over 25 years and have kept consumer privacy top of mind well before CCPA requirements were enforced. We believe that it is only through this respect for consumer rights and privacy that allow marketers like ourselves to continue to bring applicable products and services at the appropriate times so that individuals can make their own informed decisions. DBMG is committed to instituting and maintaining policies and procedures which keep the privacy and personal information gathered from our clients and prospects protected.

New Homeowner & Renter Shopping Habits

Marketing Insights for Furniture Retailers When it comes to buying or renting a new home, there are a few key actions the average consumer goes through in order to prepare themselves before the big day. Donate or sell old furniture and appliances before moving into their new home to make room for new furniture. Conceptualize the layout of the new home even before they’ve signed the purchase documents/rental agreements. Create a shopping list for the home including general appliances, furniture, accessories and more. Wouldn’t it be nice to start marketing to your customer before or during the time they are…

An image of a home that provides multiple data segments of the family who lives in the household.

Hypertargeting Consumers at Home

How Much Do You Know About Your Customers? At DBMG we provide our clients with hyper targeted data capabilities that enable us to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time, laying the foundation for better ROI per custom campaign. We use precise targeting and personalization through advanced data and research that enable us to reach particular segments of consumers at home who are looking and ready to buy specific goods and services through media that speaks to them in a direct and personal way. Click below to understand the types of data we use to…

A group of coworkers, or possible consumers, are gathered in a conference room for a video chat meeting.

Hypertargeting Consumers at Work

How Much Do You Know About Your Customers? At DBMG we provide our clients with hyper targeted data capabilities that enable us to reach the right customer with the right message at the right time, laying the foundation for better ROI per custom campaign. Connect with consumers at work where various daytime decisions are made with unique marketing campaigns designed to drive actionable engagement and revenue. Click below to understand the types of data we use to find the right customers for your market.

An illustration of a woman standing on a laptop inserting a direct mail piece into a mailbox

Unplugged and Tuned In: The Opportunity of the Moment

How Direct Mail Has Made a Mark on Consumers During the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order As state restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prevents people from making unnecessary trips, or leaving their homes at all, many have relied on various electronic devices to keep themselves entertained, and as a result, marketers have upped their digital ad game. Although according to a recent study, consumer attention may be leaning elsewhere. Many people have had to make drastic shifts in the way they live since the government implemented the ‘stay at home’ order in March of this year, eased up in…

A tablet lays on top of a coffee shop table displaying an image of a lock to signify the end of cookie advertising.

The End of Cookie Advertising

How User Privacy is Changing the Marketing Landscape Since the California Consumer Privacy Act passed in January of 2020 (CCPA is specific to California residents, but other states are pushing legislation following the CCPA), user privacy has become highly important to leading tech giants and browsers like Apple’s Safari as well as Mozilla’s Firefox, who have already chosen to ban third-party cookies due to consumer privacy concerns. Google is also taking action and has plans to phase out the third-party cookie in its Chrome browser over a two-year period that began earlier this year. With Google Chrome accounting for over…


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