Four Benefits of Email Marketing

millennials check email on phones, tablet and laptops on couch

In the digital era, the average consumer checks their email 15 times a day, according to Forbes Magazine. But as a marketer, it is easy to dismiss the effectiveness of email and its ability to reach the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. The truth is, email is still one of the most beneficial means of communicating with today’s consumers. Utilizing email effectively can increase brand visibility, create measurable positive ROI, build brand loyalty, and reduce your overall marketing spend.

1. Increase Visibility

Technology has increasingly become integrated in every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a cell phone, laptop, tablet, for work or for school, technology has given us the ability to always stay connected. The ability to reach customers on any device throughout their day has given marketers more opportunities to communicate and increase brand visibility. That little red number in the corner of your email icon has a way of drawing you in. Even with the rise in popularity of other marketing platforms, email marketing is still one of the best tactics to engage with potential and existing customers. How? People prefer email over social media because they have control of what and when they receive your brands message. Approximately 60% of consumers opt into promotional messages and discounts, compared to only 20% that choose to follow or buy via social media.

2. Create Measurable Positive ROI

Effective marketing shouldn’t simply be about broadcasting, but should be measurable and generate positive #ROI. Every industry is different, but it’s important to get into the habit of understanding your customer behavior by meticulously tracking and measuring campaign effectiveness. The key to any successful email campaign is to utilize data. By using a clean, deliverable and segmented list it will allow you to tailor your message towards consumers and their shopping habits, giving your customer what they want, when they want it.

Some things to track and test for email campaigns: send times, subject lines, CTAs, open and click-through rates, as well as purchase conversions. Crafting well-written, engaging emails that have a clear CTA is the golden ticket to increasing ROI.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

2020 brings a new age of technology in an increasingly competitive market. Consumers will be expecting an even more authentic, interactive web experience and marketers will be the ones responsible for delivering that to them. Providing real-time communication with personalized and engaging content can turn one-time customers into lifelong loyal supporters.

One effective email is all it takes to make an impression, but to build brand credibility and strengthen customer relationships, you should follow these steps:

  1. Educate your customer about your products, business and industry topics
  2. Show customer appreciation by providing special discounts and promotions unique to them and their habits
  3. Build excitement through exclusive content and perks relevant to them.

Providing value not only keeps your audience engaged, but email content is shareable – positive customer experiences increases the chance they will send others your way.

4. Spend Less & Increase Engagement

All marketing campaigns should be data driven, this has become an industry established rule. Data waste is often the most overlooked cost when evaluating the success or failure of a direct marketing campaign. As data becomes more and more important to the success of a campaign, here are some tips to remember when selecting a data provider:

  • Append your contact list – Instead of going for quantity, go for quality. Remove duplicates, non-deliverables, segment based on consumer behaviors, etc. A smaller list allows for more customization and 1:1 messaging that will resonate with your customer.
  • Automate your campaign – Free up your time with an email automation program. You can increase engagement by delivering personalized, timely and relevant messages that are automatically triggered by your customers’ behavior, without ever having to click send. Set it up and let it roll.
  • Tailored marketing – Utilize personalized rewards, discounts and CTAs that are relevant to the consumer during their specific moment in the sales cycle.
  • Regularly update your list – Keeping your list up to date with clean deliverable data will reduce your overall costs. Most email deployment companies just charge by the record, regardless of its deliverability.
  • Be honest – Capturing a customer with an outlandish message won’t build customer loyalty. Building a relationship based on honesty and trust will help you keep that customer longer.
  • Testing and reporting – Consistently setup a time to review and analyze your reports. Doing different versions of CTAs, promotions, discounts, subject lines, messaging will help you refine your email campaign, which will increase engagement and ROI. Don’t just guess at what is working, review the data to make informed decisions.