Here’s Why You Should Launch Personalized Campaigns


As marketers, one of our biggest goals is having a deep, strong, solid understanding of who are customers really are. Consumers are on the lookout for personalized experiences that cater directly to them. Your customers want to know they’re important to you, and personalized marketing strategies are a great way to show them they matter. Personalized campaigns can drive revenue, create consistency, and result in brand advocates. Let’s talk about why it deserves a place in your marketing strategy.

The Benefits of Personalized Campaigns

Personalized marketing campaigns have a ton of pros. Both brands and customers can benefit from strategies that move the focus from products to people. Here are just a few upsides to personalization.

Increased Revenue

Sometimes, all it takes is finding the channel that customers engage with the most. Maybe it’s social media, email marketing, or SMS. By targeting them there, then following up with them on other channels, you’ll engage with them right where they are. You’ll deliver the right message at the right time, making them more likely to convert.

Enhanced Customer Experience

As long as they feel like they’re getting something in return, consumers can and will give your brand their personal information. It’s your job to take that data and use it for good. Protect their most sensitive information, and use the rest to create personalized experiences that will resonate with them.

Unparalleled Consistency

Think of your own consumer behavior for a second. Chances are you’re interacting with a brand across multiple channels in one day. Perhaps you receive an email in the morning, comment on their social post in the afternoon, and tap on a push notification from their app in the evening. That personalized experience should be the same across all communications.

Stronger Brand Loyalty

Brand advocates can take your brand to the next level. Consumers will remember an experience that is curated specifically for them, and they’re more likely to share it with their friends. That word of mouth is especially powerful, as it can bring more customers your way in no time at all.

The Challenges of Personalizing Your Campaigns

Much like other aspects of marketing, personalization is not without its challenges. Let’s break down some difficulties you may face, and can absolutely overcome.

Segmentation Strategies

While segmentation can increase ROI, it’s not always easy to do correctly. Rather than issuing segments based on broad commonalities or simple clustering, your brand should do a deep dive into your customer base to find criteria that aren’t just run-of-the-mill demographics.

Time is Money

A successful personalized campaign strategy can be a big ask. Many companies need a devoted team for such an undertaking, and they can’t always dedicate the time and resources. Trust us, the investment is worth it.

Choosing the Best Solution

Your team can be incredible, but you’ll still need the right technology to get the job done. Data collection and automation should be top of mind when selecting a software (or an agency!) to establish a personalization strategy.

Moving Away from a Single Profile

We know, it’s hard to put personas to the side. However, when you piece together a single customer profile, it can be hard to link that data to individual customers. Seeing your consumers as people first puts you on the path to a personalization strategy that’ll meet your goals.

How to Create Personalized Campaigns that Work

Now that you’re aware of the benefits and potential drawbacks of personalizing your marketing campaigns, you’re ready to start getting them ready for launch. Here’s how to get it done.

Keep Your Ears Open

Part of personalizing your brand experience is collecting feedback from the people who understand it the most – your consumers. Customers are always talking, whether it’s on social media, via word of mouth, or by leaving reviews on your site. And, they want to be heard! The stories they’re sharing give you the chance to provide relevant solutions.

You can also use their testimonials as fodder for a campaign. When they see their review featured, and when other customers see what they have to say, it adds a valuable human touch. You’re not just a brand, but an opportunity for interaction.

Put Authenticity First

Stackla shares that 86% of consumers look at a brand’s authenticity when deciding to support them. Consistent, empathetic messaging that showcases your business’s values draws customers in; they’ll see themselves as part of the family, as though you care about them and their perception of your brand. Make sure those values come through in everything you do.

Make Connections

At DBMG, we’re all about making connections. Brands need to connect with consumers on a regular basis. Be it through blog posts they’ll save and share, fun social media content, or how-to videos they’ll watch again and again, approachability in your content marketing is key. When you address your audience as you would a close friend, your brand’s personality and personability shine through.

Send Personalized Campaigns (Literally!)

Picture your email inbox right now. (If you have a ton of unread emails, no judgement!) Do any of those have your name in the subject line? If they do, did you open them? According to Marketing Dive, personalized email subject lines can increase open rates by up to 50%.

This statistic shows that consumers appreciate being spoken to directly. They’ll feel like they’re more than just a number in a sea of nameless, faceless buyers. Plus, when a customer opens your email, they’re that much closer to making that purchase, attending that webinar, or downloading that eBook. Most email software services make personalization so easy that there’s no reason not to give it a shot.

Create Unique Customer Journeys

Not all customer journeys are created equal. There are certain types for new customers, returners, lifelong purchasers, and those who are hesitant to pull the trigger. Once you understand where different consumers are at in their customer journey, you can hypertarget them and personalize what comes next.

Try a Chatbot

Chatbots are incredibly helpful and incredibly easy to maintain. When used correctly, they can help answer customer questions, recommend a personalized product selection, and deliver vital information the consumer may need to convert. Plus, they take some of the workload off your team, allowing them to redirect their efforts to other areas of customer service.

Don’t Ignore the Current Climate

In the last nearly two years, we have seen businesses completely overhaul their marketing strategies to account for COVID-19. This helps your customers feel more supported, like you’re going through the same thing they are. Don’t just ignore current events and world issues! Taking a stance reinforces your brand’s values and shows immense authenticity.

It’s time to shift the focus from your products to your people. Personalizing campaigns puts your consumers front and center, allowing for increased interaction and a customer journey they’ll never forget.

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