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An illustration of a woman standing on a laptop inserting a direct mail piece into a mailbox

How Direct Mail Has Made a Mark on Consumers During the COVID-19 Stay at Home Order

As state restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic prevents people from making unnecessary trips, or leaving their homes at all, many have relied on various electronic devices to keep themselves entertained, and as a result, marketers have upped their digital ad game. Although according to a recent study, consumer attention may be leaning elsewhere.

Many people have had to make drastic shifts in the way they live since the government implemented the ‘stay at home’ order in March of this year, eased up in May, then reactivated it in June – it’s caused a lot of uncertainty for some. Now that 42% of the U.S. workforce is working from home, consumers are consistently looking for something new and exciting to add to their daily lives. So how can you give them the excitement they are looking for in a way that stands out from the constant bombardment of offers and incentives sent to them on their devices? A survey that was sent to 1,000 consumers in April 2020 tells us that people are paying more attention to their mailboxes since the start of the pandemic, which has helped contribute to the rise in direct mail redemption’s:

  • 37% are more excited to receive mail in general
  • 30% are more interested in reading through offers from local and national brands via direct mail campaigns
  • 36% admitted to being persuaded by an advertisement and made an unplanned purchase during the pandemic

It’s true, this revived thrill for mail and printed offers has people thinking about what their next purchase will be and that’s why marketers should be looking into direct mail campaigns.

People are looking for a connection to loved ones, friends, neighbors and even businesses during this time. While direct mail offers consumers a connection to their brand, it also gives them a mental break from the screen and activates the psyche with the ability to see, touch, and interact with a marketing piece. Direct mail grabs consumer attention by providing an aesthetic experience with branded art, messaging and offers that will resonate with them longer than general digital ad campaigns would.

As we persevere through the pandemic as a business, and as consumers ourselves, it is important for marketers to remember to nurture the connection with customers, and potential customers, and ensure they are utilizing the channels that have proven success. Direct mail continuously shows us that it is just as effective as its corresponding digital platforms by consistently driving sales, increasing ROI and leaving a lasting impression, now more than ever.