Why Mobile Apps are a Brand’s Greatest Marketing Tool

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Grow Your Business by Investing in the Customer Experience

Let’s be honest, humans are reliant on cellphones, and for some it’s their only connection to the outside world. While cellphones allow us to communicate through calls, text, email and video chat, they also enable you to order takeout, check business hours, scroll through social media, and find the answers to just about anything you want to know while on the go, which is why they have now become one of the best marketing tools a brand could have.

Brands who develop and utilize mobile apps are given the opportunity to connect with customers in real time while enabling a convenient shopping experience but can also be a valuable resource in strengthening the customer relationship.

Connect with Customers in Real Time

To be a leader in any industry, it’s important to remember that customers are almost always looking for a quick service, and mobile apps can facilitate direct connection between the customer and brand. Whether it’s a retail business or a service provider, making an app experience as seamless as possible is essential for providing an intuitive shopping experience or service offering and giving the customer exactly what they want. They have already decided to create a relationship with your brand by downloading the app, so how can you maintain that relationship?

  • Account information storage lets customers digitally store various forms of payments, membership cards, gift cards and vouchers, as well as frequently bought items. One-click purchasing abilities provide customers with a quick and efficient access/checkout capabilities.
  • Push notifications allow you to stay in communication with your customer. These alerts can vary from reminding customers of an abandoned cart, promoting a new sale or delivering a new offer that was created specifically for them.
  • Reviews, FAQ’s, live chats and more provide customers with the ability to have their questions answered immediately or to provide feedback on their experience.
  • Live order status’ give customers the capability to be notified and view the location of their order. Through GPS tracking, customers are able to follow anything from furniture, groceries, food or products the moment it ships to when it arrives at their doorstep.

User Friendly & Convenient

Ensuring your app is user friendly is imperative in creating the best and most convenient shopping experience possible. Forbes reported that 14% of people delete an app because they could not effortlessly navigate around it, and also stated that the best way to ensure your app is user friendly is by reducing the amount of clicks.

Mobile ordering gives customers the opportunity to expedite the sale process by providing easy and convenient shopping. Delivery and in-store pickup options let the customer know their time is important to you, and the mobile app lets them shop on their time. And by offering a user account function allows customers to store their credit card information for faster future purchases.

Loyalty Programs Build Stronger Relationships

Developing a loyalty program gives brands the opportunity to reward customers for their purchases. Using mobile apps to store customer information and promote loyalty programs puts the customer in the driver’s seat to manage their own experience with your brand, and earn their rewards.

With the ability to analyze customer purchasing habits and send product recommendations and offers based on their history, brands are creating an experience that makes it easy for them to find what they are looking for, while increasing frequency of spend, and ultimately growing the customer relationship.

How In-App Promotions Drive Customer Engagement

At DBM Group we created and released a new loyalty app for an east coast based grocery store chain, with the goal of creating a loyalty program that would provide customers with offers tailored to their specific wants and needs.

The brand already had a promotion in place where for every $100 a customer spends they would receive either a free ice cream or coffee from the in-store made-to-order counter. Not only has this offer resulted in an increase in the average ticket size, but with the implementation of the mobile app, customers are now excited to use the app to keep track of their earned points in order to receive the promotion.

In efforts to improve and promote the use of the loyalty app, they’ve began to implement push notifications to alert customers of their upcoming rewards and any in-store promotions that might relate to them. As more users download and use the app, they plan to create customized email campaigns that directly correlate with purchase behaviors that directly relates to a particular customer.

Mobile apps should be much more than just replicating your website onto an additional platform; it is the opportunity to connect with customers by giving them the ability to effortlessly communicate, engage and grow their relationship with your brand. By investing in mobile apps, you are not only improving the customer experience, but ultimately opening the door to becoming an industry leader, and obtaining unlimited future business opportunities.